1220HSL | About Our Team
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EPIC TEAMS ARE BUILT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER. IN THE WORDS OF MARGARET HEFFERNAN, “PARTNERS WHO ARE NOT ECHO CHAMBERS”. EPIC TEACHERS ARE NOT TALKING TEXTBOOKS. THEY are EXEMPLARS – OF BOTH STRENGTH AND FLAW. “No written word, no spoken plea can teach our youth what they should be. Nor all the books on all the shelves – it’s what the teachers are themselves” (john wooden). AND THEODORE ROSEVELT REWORDED; “The best BOSSES ARE the oneS who haVE sense enough to pick good PEOPLE to do what THEY want done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it”. WE BELIEVE WE HAVE AN EPIC TEAM. CHECK EM OUT.

Surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, photographer and writer. Former elite level sports-scientist. Rookie artist. And emerging spoken word poet. Sees in stories. Questions everything. And dreams of becoming a philosopher. Once developed a tech-based judging system for half-pipe snowboarding and put the Olympic Head Judge up against it. Walked away upon the realisation his invention – which worked – would be the death of something he loved. Has developed this course so that the only thing that really matters is his students work out who they are and why they are so epic. Is focused on providing students transferable skills and a competitive advantage – in their careers – and in life. Provokes students to debate. And fight. For what they stand for. And love. He is the mirror you never owned. And your lecturer across both campuses.


Super tech. IT guru. But lives off grid. Because he knows things you do not. Might be worth asking him about when you get the chance. Runs a thousand stairs in six minutes. Does it for charity. And for challenge. Has hit a personal best every time he has taken them on. Closet gamer. Self-described “classic video game geek – but with no time to play”. Has been dealing with a rogue bull making his property its own personal stomping ground for a while now. A relentless war. And like all wars it is very difficult to tell who is winning. Has been the Head Tutor for this course for six years. Helped make it what it is. It would all crash in a chaotic messed up heap without him. He will go above and beyond to make sure you are okay. And that everything runs perfectly. Gives a hundred percent every time. That’s just who he is. Someone worth knowing. Go find him.


Remembers the time before the internet. You should ask her about it. Pamela has some amazing stories to share with you. World traveler. She has seen – and done – way more than you. From Zanzibar to Zambia, from Angola to Argentina she loves finding what makes us different and what holds us together. Find out what that is. It’s super important. Recently lived for a year with no more than fifty items in her possession. Travels to the other side of the world with no more than a handbag. Runs a creative collaborative called Salon Read. In a cool old house called the Wonky Manor. Which you cannot find on Google Maps. Epic writer. And is keen to help you find the fun in playing with words. Take her up on her offer here. It’s an amazing opportunity. Don’t waste a chance like that ever. Sees technology as a promise we have to keep with ourselves or lose big time.


Mosh pits, tattoos, snowboarding. Nerdy tech, minimalism, writing. Embraces the paradoxes and ironies in the universe. Lived out the back of his car not long ago. Roaming Japan then New Zealand as a surf and ski bum, before being reeled back into academia. Through a remarkable series of coincidences. Went from cleaning toilets to judging the Queensland Tourism Awards within six months. Published a book chapter about how having long neon pink hair and tattoos impeded his research on families. Thinks Black Mirror and Westworld should be mandatory viewing. Constantly fighting an introspective battle – acknowledging the dangers of technological advancement – but super curious to see how bad it can get. Icarus? Ask him about how his research could actually bring the travel industry to a halt. For the better? Maybe. Maybe not. Find out.

“How he engages so many people in lectures is beyond me. Was amazing. Then they all helped us decipher our own opinion. They seriously went above and beyond”