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“There is no more powerful force to change every institution than the first generation of digital natives. The world, including business, will hinge on a new set of principles” Don Tapscott

“The internet as a noun has become the internet as a verb. It has become a set of conversations. An era in which user-generated content and social networks became the dominant phenomenon” Philip Evans

“The self as we once knew it no longer exists, and I think that an abstract, digital universe has become part of our identity” Abha Dawesar


“Technology is the seventh kingdom of life. And we have a moral obligation to invent technology so that every person on the globe has the potential to realize their true difference” Kevin Kelly

“If you don’t treat humans as special, if you don’t create some special zones for humans – especially when you are designing [or integrating] technology – you’ll end up dehumanizing the world. And what we have done in the last decade is give information [and data] more rights than are given to people” Jaron Lanier

“The greatest task before civilisation at present is to make machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men” Havelock Elis

1220HSL | Jason Harding
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Jason Harding Image CompressedJason Harding is a lecturer, academic and undergraduate program director within Griffith University’s Business School (Department of Tourism, Hotel, and Sport Management). Jason obtained his PhD from Griffith University in 2010 whilst affiliated with Griffith’s Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications and working as a Research Scholar at the Australian Institute of Sport and the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. Jason’s research focus is on the management of technology in elite sport, his teaching focus is online marketing, website development, and sports management, and his Scholarship of Learning and Teaching focus is effectively balancing the use of emerging instructional technologies with inspirational face to face teaching approaches.


A surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, artist, and photographer, Jason is also the founder and chief administrator of Anarchist Athlete (www.anarchistathlete.com), Hype Media Lab (www.hypemedialab.com), The Undergrad Project(www.undergradproject.com), Yunnan Sport Management (www.yunnansportmgmt.com) – online communities focused on generating positive impact in sport, business, and higher education. Anarchist Athlete is focused on sports-science, sports management, and managing emerging technology in elite-level surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, Hype Media Lab is focused on providing small businesses access to an innovative online marketing community allowing proprietors the capacity to maintain control over their own online marketing channels, and The Undergrad Project is focused on inspiring university students to dream big, back themselves, and realise their potential.


Jason has published in numerous internationally peer-reviewed journals, has recently been awarded a Griffith University Award for Teaching Excellence, and regularly presents at conferences and corporate functions on sports-science, sports management, online marketing, and enhancing teaching effectiveness in higher education. Dedicated to the investigation and application of technological innovations in elite sport and higher education settings, Jason is currently working on two projects – one funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) focused on managing the integration of technology in elite half-pipe snowboard competitions and one focused on The Undergrad Project and attempt to generate a legitimate community of inquiry through sole use of an online medium.