Just To Keep You Thinking

“There is no more powerful force to change every institution than the first generation of digital natives. The world, including business, will hinge on a new set of principles” Don Tapscott

“The internet as a noun has become the internet as a verb. It has become a set of conversations. An era in which user-generated content and social networks became the dominant phenomenon” Philip Evans

“The self as we once knew it no longer exists, and I think that an abstract, digital universe has become part of our identity” Abha Dawesar


“Technology is the seventh kingdom of life. And we have a moral obligation to invent technology so that every person on the globe has the potential to realize their true difference” Kevin Kelly

“If you don’t treat humans as special, if you don’t create some special zones for humans – especially when you are designing [or integrating] technology – you’ll end up dehumanizing the world. And what we have done in the last decade is give information [and data] more rights than are given to people” Jaron Lanier

“The greatest task before civilisation at present is to make machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men” Havelock Elis

1220HSL | Website Plan
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Website Plan

Website Plan Assessment Task

The second assignment is for the most part, a plan for a website. It is basically a business plan with some technical aspects that detail how a website can benefit a specific business and how the website will look, feel, and run. However it requires you to impart some of your new found knowledge on how business is changing in the face of an increasingly connected digital environment (you know the sort of stuff we have been talking about in lectures ) early on in the form of a mini literature review (see ‘specifics’ section for more information on this requirement). You are trying to sell someone on the idea of having a website created for their business where you are the website creator and administrator. Think of the plan as a ‘pitch’ to a potential client, showing off your knowledge of their core business and the business’s specific goals, describing how websites and linked social media can increase market share in our today’s business environments and most further, providing evidence of your prowess in website development, administration, and using social media marketing techniques. It is a pitch that promotes the purchase or development of a website and linked social media (designed and administered by you) that can greatly assist a business achieve specific goals, increase market share, and increase their profit margins.

Due Date

Friday Week 7 (12th September 2014) 5.00pm.

Submission Process

Submit an electronic copy (PDF is best) of your assignment to Turnitin (the submission point will be provided on our Learning @ Griffith Course Site in the Assessment Section under Assignment Two – The Website Plan). You will be given the opportunity to submit a draft to Turnitin prior to the due date and the teaching team will provide more details regarding this process during lectures and tutorials.

Assignment Two Task Sheet

This document will, in an easy to understand manner, assist you successfully complete your first assignment (the Website Plan). The first assignment is for the most part, a plan for a website. It is basically a business plan with some technical aspects that detail how a website can benefit a specific business and how the website will look, feel, and run. Essentially, you are trying to sell someone (the business owner or a panel of your colleagues if you are connected with the business) on the idea of having a website created for a business and furthermore, that you are the right person for the job.


Assignment Two APA Referencing Guide

This document if focused on in-text referencing or citing. All material used in academic writing should be referenced in your text, whether you give a summary of others ‘ideas, or a direct quote. This is called in-text referencing or citing. It is also essential that a Reference List be provided, starting on a new page at the end of the text. A Reference List contains only publications cited in your assignment. Failure to provide in-text referencing and Reference List is called plagiarism, which can attract heavy penalties.


Assignment Two Marking Criteria

This document provides a guide to how your first assignment (the website plan) will be marked. Use this guide as a checklist to ensure you have covered all required aspects of the assignment to a high standard. An assessment of each aspect of the marking criteria will be undertaken during the marking process associated with your assignment. The completed marking criteria (including comments) will be available to you once the marks for this assignment have been completed and made available in the grade center.