1220HSL | Assignment Two – Learned Standpoint
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Assignment Two – Learned Standpoint

Assignment Two titled, ‘Learned Standpoint’ is an online quiz that follows up from the unmarked Assignment One and once again simply assesses your knowledge, understanding, and personal standpoint on what technology is and what it means in a personal and professional context. The only difference is this time around we are interested in what you have learned from the lectures and if any of it has altered your personal standpoint. This assignment will marked. It is worth 10% of your final grade. And once again your efforts here will also assist you later in the course – in particular with the third assignment.



Due Date: Week Four (In Your Normal Workshops)

Weighting: 10%

Submission: Online (Online Quiz)




Lecture One

Lecture Two

Lecture Three




What was Bruce Henderson’s central business strategy idea?

Additional Information regarding this online quiz


  • It is worth 10% of your final grade
  • You will sit and complete the quiz in your normal workshops in Week 4 (please let us know in advance if you are unable to make your normal workshop)
  • The focus is everything we have discussed in the Lecture Series from Week 1 to Week 3
  • That means anything from the lecture slides, lecture discussions, TED talks, book pages, and articles I have provided you with is accessible
  • I might even ask you something like, “in the TED talk you watched does Kevin Kelly have a beard?” just to have some fun with it
  • It will be multiple choice
  • It will contain 40 questions
  • It will be completed online (password entry required we will let you know that on the day)
  • You will receive your mark as soon as you finish the quiz
  • The Week Four workshops will focus on helping you prepare for this quiz


The ideas underpinning this quiz are as follows …


  • It is an early assessment that is low in weighting and in risk to familiarize you with the university’s assessment procedures and standards
    It is a check to see if you actually are engaging with the lectures and the content and an early heads up for me if you are struggling (gives me a way to help if you are)
  • It will assist you get your head around new concepts by forcing you to engage with them which will be of massive benefit to you as you begin to write your personal philosophy on technology, humanity, and business (your first major assignment)
  • It is focused on the key players we discuss – who they are, what they stand for (their ideas, angles), and what they have contributed. A statement that a tech-driven extended mind won’t save you – that your memory is linked with your understanding.


Important Note Guys


You know me. Have been in three lectures with me already. And you know where I place importance. In an age where information and creative work can be mashed up and remixed and republished as anonymous work, the names, key ideas, main angles, and specific quotes of the original authors is everything. Jaron Lanier said that, “The ethereal, digital replacement technology for the printing press has come of age in a time when an unfortunate ideology dominates technological culture – an ideology where authorship – the very idea of the individual point of view – is not a priority”. The moral rights of authors and key innovators – the right to have an original idea correctly attributed to them – is everything guys. Focus on that for this quiz. And always keep it in mind.


Hope that helps guys. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. More than happy to clarify anything that may be unclear.