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“There is no more powerful force to change every institution than the first generation of digital natives. The world, including business, will hinge on a new set of principles” Don Tapscott

“The internet as a noun has become the internet as a verb. It has become a set of conversations. An era in which user-generated content and social networks became the dominant phenomenon” Philip Evans

“The self as we once knew it no longer exists, and I think that an abstract, digital universe has become part of our identity” Abha Dawesar


“Technology is the seventh kingdom of life. And we have a moral obligation to invent technology so that every person on the globe has the potential to realize their true difference” Kevin Kelly

“If you don’t treat humans as special, if you don’t create some special zones for humans – especially when you are designing [or integrating] technology – you’ll end up dehumanizing the world. And what we have done in the last decade is give information [and data] more rights than are given to people” Jaron Lanier

“The greatest task before civilisation at present is to make machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men” Havelock Elis

1220HSL | Lecture One – What Is Technology’s Story?
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29 Jun Lecture One – What Is Technology’s Story?

Kevin Kelly Featured Image II EditedWe have always started the philosophy of technology lecture series with a discussion on Kevin Kelly’s TED talk titled, ‘Technology’s Epic Story’. It is a super interesting way to start the course and also gives us a thought provoking entry point to the impact technology has had on humanity and business.

The blurb on the TED site associated with this talk is as follows, “In this wide-ranging, thought-provoking talk, Kevin Kelly muses on what technology means in our lives — from its impact at the personal level to its place in the cosmos”

I think you should watch this or read the transcript because of the depth of knowledge and unique angle Kelly offers on the concept of technology, how it has impacted humanity, and where he believes ‘it’ wants to go, what ‘it’ wants to accomplish, and our role in this process. In terms of personal and pragmatic benefit, there is information contained within this talk that will assist you directly with your third (but first major) assignment, ‘This Is My Standpoint’. In terms of theory and philosophy, this week’s lecture will provide you with an interesting insight into technology on a broader scale (an angle which you may not have considered before), and hopefully open your eyes to, put quite simply, possibility.

Talk soon. Jason

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